Psychomotor skills

Beyond words

Massimo Carlan, Anna Marcon

The way in which adults relate to the child about taking care of his/her body within the different ...

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Feelings in motion

Marcella Ortali

Psychomotor play and drawing are an excellent support for cognitive processing. A book of stories is ...

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Motor and visuo-spatial difficulties at school

The series “The Guides” was born from the experience of the Erickson Study Center with the aim ...

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Psychomotor play at school

Giuseppe Nicolodi

This book offers a vision of child education and training oriented towards psychomotor thinking. It ...

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Educate in nature

Lucia Carpi

Based on the author’s personal experience and other international experiences, this book proposes ...

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The Psychomotricity Group

Alberto Zatti

The creative unpredictability of the group is the heart at which psychomotor education looks ...

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Psychomotor education in infancy

Giuseppe Nicolodi

Italian education is currently undergoing a somewhat dangerous regression, deriving from the ...

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Music in psychomotor therapy

Anne Marie Wille

This book presents a psychomotricity model which uses music as a tool for tuning in to children's ...

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150 games in movement

Donatella Colina

150 games in movement came about from the need to provide activities and tools for encouraging the ...

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Language disorders and psychomotor intervention

Ana Merletti, Patrizia Corsi

Starting from the assumption that global stimulation encourages the harmonious development of ...

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Movement and play at nursery school

Ferruccio Cartacci

Research has widely ascertained that the origins of thought, language and relational imprinting can ...

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Play in development and in psychomotor therapy

Claudio Ambrosini, Simona Pellegatta

In this book, the second of the series Tools for neuro and psychomotricity, sponsored by ANUPI ...

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