Shopping education

Advice and tools to learn how to manage money

Product: Book

Trim size in cm: 29,7x21

Pages: 132 colorful pages + guide (12 pp. black and white)

ISBN: 978-88-590-0046-4

Publication date: 01/09/2012


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This volume, the fourth of the series “Workshops for personal autonomy”, draws from the 20-year experience of the Italian Association of Persons with Down Syndrome (AIPD) and is addressed both to teenagers with intellectual disabilities and to all children who need to learn how to use money.

In their teen years kid start getting out of the house and shopping becomes a way to acquire new abilities and show others that they have become adults. Beginning with how to recognize coins and bills, the book presents activities, games and tales that teach how to use money. Thanks to the advice and tools suggested by Giorgio, Maria and Stefania, kids will be able to overcome their difficulties with math and will understand the notion of saving and the function of banks and credit cards.

Written in a clear and simple language, the book is complemented by a short guide for educators and parents.


– Presentation
– Introduction
– What is money?: I become familiar with it
– Where do I spent my money?
– How do I use my money?
– Money's management
– Where do I keep my money?
– How much money do I need to…?

– Using money
– Introduction to euro
– Teaching to use money
– Use of money: phases
– The wallet
– Chances of using money
– The weekly “pocket money”
– Other tools

Workshops for autonomy

The series comes from the experiences of “Programmes for teaching autonomy” led by the AIPD (Italian Association for people with Down Syndrome). Each book offers materials, activities and exercises for teaching the basics of autonomy to children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities.  All the books, which are written using easy-to-understand language and are colour illustrated, come with a handy guide for educators and parents. As Anna Contardi affirms «We have been working at improving people's autonomy for 25 years. We have achieved excellent results. For example, we have managed to teach youngsters with serious intellectual disabilities, who are unable to read or write, to take public transport, handle money, take care of their personal hygiene, do housework and cook».

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