A Thousand Theatres

Performing games for imagining and acting

Giulia Orecchia

Product: Teaching tools

ISBN: 978-88-590-2345-6

Publication date: 01/09/2020


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Theater has always fascinated people, and it is a place of culture and passion, so why not turn it into a game? A thousand theaters by Giulia Orecchia – one of the most famous Italian illustrators – offers a stage inside a box, where we can even insert backdrops, props and characters, to tell and invent unlimited stories. A game with a thousand possibilities, to stimulate the imagination and creativity of children, starting from 6 years of age.

The theatre
The box containing A thousand theatres transforms into a theatre, with a special backdrop and stage.  Grooves allow you to insert the materials to compose the scene and the cards necessary to build the story.

The cards
The illustrated cards included in the game are drawn by the players who will randomly compose and build ever-changing and new stories.
Inside the box you will find different backgrounds and cards that can help or hinder the narrative, always making the game different and stimulating:

  • Lucky cards: indicate the key for getting out of a situation easily, happily, dangerously, courageously, or even simply with a bit of luck to arrive at a happy ending.
  • Unlucky cards: indicate what mess, disaster, problem, mishap, or difficult situation your characters find themselves in.

9 games
With the materials present in the box, it is possible to organize 9 different games!  Individually or in a group, to tell a story or change the ending: but especially to have fun!

3 large swiveling backdrops with 6 subjects, 3 half swiveling backdrops with 6 subjects, 6 swiveling stage elements with 12 various objects, 70 Character cards, 20 "Lucky cards" that indicate the key to exit brilliantly / cheerfully / dangerously / courageously or even just simply with a nice happy ending, 20 "Unlucky cards" that indicate in which mess, disaster, problem, setback or very difficult situation (unfortunately!) your protagonists are in, 1 dice.



After the extraordinary success of A Thousand and One Stories – the rights to which have been sold to many different countries (Russia, Romania, Finland, China) – comes a new game box created by the famous Italian illustrator Giulia Orecchia.

Suitable for players ages 5 and up, A Thousand Theatres  is a game box that allows children to invent, tell, and recite stories with the goal of stimulating the imagination, creativity, and acting skills

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By placing the lid vertically and fitting the bottom part into it, the box of A Thousand Theatres turns into a theatre. The players will be able to set up the scene and tell different stories, inserting the different game materials in the stage using the 4 grooves on the box.

The game can be played alone or with a group


Inside the A Thousand Theatres box, children can find everything they need to put their imaginations and stories into action: the backgrounds, the elements of the scene, the «Character» cards, the «Unlucky» cards and the «Lucky» cards.  The latter will provide them with the clues to build a plot around the resolution of a problematic situation (unlucky) or with a happy ending (lucky).

Read the instructions for A Thousand Theaters with 11 game proposals:


Giulia Orecchia is one of the most famous Italian illustrators.  She created and experimented with this product thanks to her continuous involvement with children in creative workshops.  During the course of her career she has won numerous awards.