Smart Poster – At fairytale school

Activities to learn the characteristics, structure and characters of the fairy tale genre

Giuditta Gottardi, Ginevra G. Gottardi

Product: Book

ISBN: 978-88-590-2634-1

Publication date: 01/09/2021

Suitable for: Primary 2nd level (ages 8-10)


Smart Poster – At fairytale school  designed to accompany boys and girls in the discovery of the fairytale genre and learn to read the structure of fairy tales and create new ones. It makes the vertical space of the classroom walls the fulcrum of physical movement, didactic action, play and reflection, expanding the possibilities that the horizontal space of the classroom already makes available to the school.

The book
The numerous activities proposed in At fairytale school are organized by increasing difficulty and guarantee the progressive consolidation and enhancement of knowledge of the fundamental elements of the fairy tale. The volume is structured in three parts.  The introduction offers a theoretical overview of the world of fairy tales and some teaching methods used to involve, entertain and practice with pupils.  The presentation of the materials analyzes all the tools necessary for carrying out the activities. The last part of the text offers a guide to the activities to be carried out in the classroom.

The poster
The poster is structured with infographic elements that allow a new visual approach to the genre of the fairy tale. The upper part of the poster is dedicated to the hero’s climb instead of the classic winding path, a metaphor for the difficult and tiring journey of the hero through the pitfalls of the fairy tale. In the poster, a central perspective is proposed that the castle as its focal point, the ideal destination for the protagonist. The path to follow is a ladder to climb, where each step is characterized by a different colour: green represents the relaxed and countryside situation typical of the beginning of fairy tales; red breaks the initial equilibrium with its upset by introducing the antagonist; orange characterizes the phase relating to the tests that the hero must pass; finally blue denotes the return to peace and quiet and the arrival at the happy ending. Along the way there are the envelopes containing the cards that represent the various components of the fairy tale.

Erickson’s new editorial line SMART POSTER is aimed at all scholastic levels, from kindergarten and up, to make a static tool like a poster into something active. Each Smart Poster consists of a real poster and a volume of workshop activities that the teacher can carry out as group or individual activities. A collaborative and inclusive teaching tool that favors participation, cooperative and metacognitive activity that develops in the classroom spaces, between the desk and the walls.

A book
An active poster
6 main activities and operational cues
14 didactic worksheets on specific topics
2 infographics (a histogram and 8 flashcards)
92 play cards
2 dices