The Diary of Anne Frank

The Easy Classics told by Carlo Scataglini

Carlo Scataglini

Product: Book

Trim size in cm: 15x21cm

Pages: 136

ISBN: 978-88-590-2045-5

Publication date: 01/01/2020

Suitable for: Lower secondary 1st level (ages 10-11), Lower secondary 2nd level (ages 12-13)


The diary of Anne Frank, a classic of children’s literature, is rewritten in a simplified version, facilitated for reading, understanding, and even listening as an audiobook.

I am part of the pain of millions of people, yet when I look at the sky, I think everything will turn to good.

In her diary, thoughts of fear, discouragement, irony, the will to live and hope are told by Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl.  It has become one of the most widely read and loved books in the world, as well as an important testimony of the Second World War.  It is a personal and profound story that makes you think about the atrocity of the war.

  • Chapter 1 - The secret annex

  • Chapter 2 – The Van Daans’ arrival

  • Chapter 3 - The cruellest oppressors that ever existed

  • Chapter 4 - Bombings and Wishes

  • Chapter 5 - This is how I feel ...

  • Chapter 6 - The world will keep on spinning…

  • Chapter 7 - Love blooms in the secret annex

  • Chapter 8 - The first kiss

  • Chapter 9 - The world is upside down!

  • Chapter 10 - When I look at the sky ...

  • Epilogue

EASY CLASSICS – Lower secondary school

Told by Carlo Scataglini, the greatest simplified teaching expert in Italy

Literary classics accessible to all lower secondary school students (11-14 years of age), especially those with learning difficulties.


The series Easy Classics told by Carlo Scataglini opens up to lower secondary school, offering classics of children's literature in a simplified version, to be read, understood and even listened to as an audiobook.

Aimed especially at children with learning difficulties, the Easy Classics series offers the most famous stories in order to make reading as independent and meaningful as possible for young readers. Complete with explanatory images, the books that make up the series are characterized by:

  • a personalized code in each copy that gives access to the complete audio version of the story;
  • an initial presentation of all the characters;
  • simple language, consisting of basic vocabulary and short, simple sentences;
  • a final epilogue of the story and a conclusive part dedicated to reflecting on the text;

in each chapter, indicated by a symbol, further cognitive organizers and facilitators for reading:

What happens next...: a synopsis of what will happen at the beginning of each chapter

Difficult words: less common words indicated in blue and defined in the final glossary

Expressions and sayings: particular phrases indicated in brown and explained in the final glossary

Audio QR-code: the QR-codes to scan with a smartphone or tablet to gain access to an audio reading of each chapter.


Discover the books included in the series Easy Classics for lower secondary school! New simplified versions of children's literature masterpieces will be available soon.


Illustrations by Alessandra Vitelli

Sing, O Goddess,  the wrath of Achilles Pelide, that destructive wrath which brought countless woes upon the Achaeans, …

The story of a long war between Achaean and Trojan heroes, Achilles' wrath, Hector's humanity, Ulysses’ cunning, Patroclus' affection, Andromache's sweetness, Helen’s beauty: these are some of the famous themes narrated in Homer's poem.

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In this volume you will also find:

The verses: some original verses highlighted in yellow and explained at the end of the chapter;

The epithets: the nicknames of some characters highlighted in purple and explained at the end of each chapter.


Illustrations by Giulia Dragone

I am part of the pain of millions of people, yet when I look at the sky, I think everything will turn to good.

In her diary, thoughts, fear, discouragement, but also irony, the will to live and hope are told with sincerity and extraordinary maturity by Anne Frank, a very young Jewish girl.  It has become one of the most loved and read books in the world.

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Leaf through some selected pages from the 1st volume in the series, The Diary of Anne Frank, that have been translated into English to facilitate your evaluation and that will show you the main characteristics of the series


Carlo Scataglini is a specialised teacher and trainer in remediation and support. With Erickson he has published a number of books and CD-ROMs for remediation and support, amongst which the series Easy reading and the books Easy History, Easy geography, Easy Science and Easy Information Technology. He is also the author of various children’s stories, amongst which Even ogres are afraid (2008), The strange mystery of Cartoonville and other stories (2003), Magigum and the flight of emotions (2005), Magigum and the secret of Belacrì (2006), Ants are stronger than earthquakes (2009), The story of Marilù and the 5 senses (2010) and Gigantino and the tasty war (2014).