Space mission

Text comprehension and logic challenges

Ivan Sciapeconi, Eva Pigliapoco

Product: Teaching tools

ISBN: 978-88-590-1881-0

Publication date: 01/05/2019


In stellar space you will have to complete increasingly complex and difficult challenges.

You will need to be able to sort out all the tiles in the game, so you can move freely between planets, satellites and stars, avoiding dangerous asteroids and aliens. Only the most skilled and attentive astronauts can do it!

You can play alone, putting your logical skills to test, or share missions with your friends.

60 mission cards
1 board game with two different backgrounds
12 game tiles to put into place
An instruction booklet with the solutions


Text comprehension and logic challenges

In the starry space, between planets, stars and satellites, you will have to solve challenges which become increasingly difficult and complex to decode, while avoiding dangerous asteroids and aliens...”.

Space Mission is a galactic journey full of logic challenges for kids ages 6 and up. By working individually or collaborating with classmates, the players have to create new space itineraries by following the directions of each mission in order to finish it successfully.

The game develops visual problem solving, logic and linguistic skills and encourages computational thought.

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Game contents

The game is composed of:

A double sided game board presenting 2 scenes with different levels of difficulty

12 tiles with paths to reach the planets, satellites and asteroids (and an additional 4 blank tiles to be used if necessary)

60 mission cards with directions about the mission to complete, with 3 levels of differentiation based on difficulty: First flights | Expert flights | Galactic flights

How to play

  • The object of the game is to complete the challenges described on the mission cards.
  • The text on the mission cards includes 3 different levels of test decoding (graphic stimuli in the basic level, synthetic instructions in the intermediate level, complex texts in the advanced level)
  • At the players’ disposal are 12 tiles that are placed on the game board to create the routes to solve the problem proposed by the challenge. These tiles represent intersections, underpasses, turns...
  • The game can be played individually or together with others to better understand the challenge requests.
  • The solutions found at the end of the booklet suggest some alternatives to the pathways to be found.

Attention! The challenge can get complicated when asteroids or alien attacks appear!

Didactic objectives

Space Mission is a game that ignites computational thinking and coding, favouring strategic planning in a problem solving context while stimulating logic skills.  Furthermore, it promotes social skills and peer mediation which are used to achieve a common goal.

The authors

Eva Pigliapoco and Ivan Sciapeconi are primary school teachers, and experts on language and coding especially when it comes to teaching through play.