Research pathway-action – The screening for prerequisites

Design and Evaluation for effective intervention in pre-school

Product: Book

Trim size in cm: 21x29,7

Pages: 187

ISBN: 978-88-590-1433-1

Publication date: 01/11/2017

Suitable for: Nursery 2nd Level (ages 4-5)


Learning difficulties in the school-age population are estimated at between 7% and 10% and represent a high risk for academic success, for future social adaptation and for personality development. Law 170/2010 on Specific Learning Disorders (SLD), MIUR and the Ministry of Health underline the importance of a systematic observation of the prerequisites of reading, writing and calculation. Already in the last year of nursery school it is possible to detect predictors of subsequent difficulties and implement strengthening courses that can substantially reduce the negative impact on learning abilities of written language, not only in children with SLD but in all those with Special Educational Needs.

Born from the experience of clinicians and teachers, this volume provides indications and materials for assessing the main indicators of school skills development quickly and easily, and for developing specific intervention plans. Through online resources it also provides a tool to print observation protocols, collection grids for compiling data and automatically define individual and collective profiles, as well as the type of interventions required, simplifying the work of teachers and other professionals.


Introduction to the series «Speech therapy in childhood» (Luigi Marotta and Tiziana Rossetto)

Preface (Mariagrazia Benassi, Sara Giovagnoli and Luigi Marotta)

FIRST PART – Theoretical aspects

  1. 1 - Early identification of SLD risk indicators: regulatory references (Luciana Ventriglia)

  2. 2 - The prerequisites for learning to read and write (Ilaria Cacopardo, Francesca Cannici, Flavia Raffi and Luigi Marotta)

SECOND PART – Research action

  1. 3 – Screening experiences (Marzia Ruzza, Andrea Cadoni, Damiana Bruno, Anna Giulia De Cagno, Flavia rescenzi, Cecilia Tirreni, Cinzia Turini and Sara Zaccaria)

THIRD PART – The evaluation

  1. 4 - Tests and procedures for the screening of prerequisites (Sara Giovagnoli, Sara Magri, Claudia Ronchetti, Mariagrazia Benassi, Michela Muccinelli and Priscilla Fasulo)

FOURTH PART - The intervention

  1. 5 - Ready, go...first: program proposals for the development of prerequisites (Anna Giulia De Cagno, Flavia Crescenzi and Davide Pitti)

  2. 6 – Worksheets for individual and small group remedial work (Ilaria Cacopardo and Luigi Marotta)