Luigi Marotta

Grow up speaking in nursery school

Luigi Marotta, Daniela Onofrio, Luigi Girolametto

Thanks to the knowledge available today, the number of children with an early identified language ...

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Research pathway-action – The screening for prerequisites

Luigi Marotta, Mariagrazia Benassi, Sara Giovagnoli

Learning difficulties in the school-age population are estimated at between 7% and 10% and represent ...

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Rehabilitation programmes: Executive functions in language disorders

Luigi Marotta, Enrica Mariani, Manuela Pieretti

Although a Language Disorder is mainly characterised by language difficulties, it is often ...

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Executive functions in SLD

Luigi Marotta, Pamela Varvara

The first specific protocol available in Italy for assessing executive functions! ...

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Language disorders

Luigi Marotta, Maria Cristina Caselli

The book is written for speech therapists but through a multi-professional approach also reaches out ...

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Speech therapy interventions in SLD – DYSLEXIA

Luigi Marotta, Enrica Mariani, Manuela Pieretti

Out of all the Specific Learning Disorders dyslexia is the difficulty that manifests earliest. For ...

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Rehabilitation programmes – Spelling

Luigi Marotta, Susi Cazzaniga, Serena Rossi

The book offers models for activities which draw both on the traditional competences of the speech ...

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Communication disorders

Luigi Marotta, Giovanni Valeri

Communication disorders, which can manifest in various different ways, in isolation or comorbidity, ...

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