The Briefcase for Starting off First Grade

Program for reception, inclusion and observation for the first months in the classroom

Product: Teaching tools

ISBN: 978-88-590-1646-5

Publication date: 01/09/2018

Suitable for: Primary 1st level (ages 6-7)


Everything necessary for starting off the fantastic voyage of elementary school in the best way

The Briefcase contains a series of well thought out and differentiated materials for facing the complexity of the first few months of school, with the objective of:
• welcoming and including each child, working on the identity of the class as a whole to create a good atmosphere;
• involving the students in the learning process through narration;
• observing and photographing the class in areas of strength and weakness;
• using a hands-on methodology for the acquisition of skills and to work together cooperatively;
• foster mutual knowledge through play experiences;
• increase and consolidate the prerequisites for learning;
• activate a path of continuity with the previous school grade.

  • A book with illustrated stories At school: Fantastic Adventures in the Manypaws Woods

  • 9 full-colour posters in A4 format of the settings and characters to use for story re-telling activities

  • 2 decks of 55 cards: Emotion cards and Feeling cards

  • Gameboard Friends of the Woods with dice and tokens

  • The book Starting in first grade: workshops and activities. Teacher guide

The Briefcase for Starting Off First Grade

Everything necessary for starting off the fantastic journey in primary school in the best way possible

The Briefcase for Starting Off...First Grade contains a series of well thought out and differentiated materials to help students face the complexity of the first few months of school.

Thanks to the materials contained in the case, it is possible to work on a wide range of prerequisites: cognitive (prior knowledge), relational (interpersonal knowledge), emotional (recognition and expression of one's mood) and motivational (attribution of meaning to one's own process of learning).

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Goals of the Briefcase

By using the materials in the Briefcase, it is possible to meet various didactic and educational goals:

  • welcome and include each child to create a good classroom environment
  • involve the students in the learning process
  • observe the learning environment to ascertain strengths and weaknesses
  • encourage the children to work together cooperatively with special workshops
  • create experiences for the students to get to know each other through play
  • consolidate the prerequisites for learning
  • activate a program of continuity with the child’s previous school year

The Materials in the Briefcase

Teacher’s Guide

The guide describes all the materials and objectives contained in the briefcase, providing instructions on how to use them effectively and in a fun way.  Moreover, it contains 30 activity sheets and 11 workshops that can be done with the children.

The Story Book

The story “The Fantastic School in the Manypaws Forest” allows children to identify with the main characters of the story and their feelings.

The Senses Cards

This card game causes the children to reflect on the different senses which are activated in different daily situations.

The Feeling Cards

This card game helps the children to recognize and name the family of emotions, encouraging emotional awareness.

The poster

The poster illustrates the path through the woods in a fun way which helps children to get to know themselves and others better.

Character and background posters

The 9 coloured posters with backgrounds and characters allow for the creation of a mini-theatre for role-playing and acting out the story “The Fantastic School in the Manypaws Forest”.