Intellectual disabilities

Intervention for socio-relational difficulties

Irene Cristina Mammarella, Andrea Canevaro, Chiara Salviato

A complete and well structured programme to help children and young people with socio-relational ...

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The checklist for autonomy

Marco Pontis

A book that contains 46 practical checklists for the acquisition, observation and evaluation of many ...

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10 things that every person with Down’s Syndrome wants you to know

Anna Contardi

In the last 40 years, many things have improved for people with Down Syndrome, from the expectation ...

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Get informed, understand and vote: the important thing is to participate

A.I.P.D. Associazione Italiana Persone Down, Francesco Cadelano, Carlotta Leonori

Get informed, understand and vote: the important thing is to participate was created from the ...

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The Inclusive Nursery School and Children with Disabilities

Daniela Bulgarelli

A text on the topic of children with disabilities at nursery school which responds to the need for ...

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Learning with Video Modelling (KIT: book + Professional software on USB key)

Andreina Costa, Eleonora Fiorot


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Metacognitive Training for Intellectual Disabilities

Alessandro Antonietti, Silvia Celentano

Many daily actions, like taking the bus, following street directions, or getting ready to complete a ...

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Those who Find a Job Find a Treasure

Anna Contardi, Monica Berarducci

Those who Find a Job Find a Treasure, born from the experience of  Paths of Education for Autonomy ...

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Communication disorders

Luigi Marotta, Giovanni Valeri

Communication disorders, which can manifest in various different ways, in isolation or comorbidity, ...

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Cognitive abilities – Vol. 4: Visual-spatial abilities

Emanuele Gagliardini

The book provides activities for the development and remediation of visual-spatial abilities, which ...

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Self-determination in people with disabilities

Lucio Cottini

Self-determination is an important construct for the quality of life of people with disabilities and ...

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Sexuality and intellectual disability

Francesco Rovatti

This book offers theoretical ideas and practical suggestions which encourage constructive thinking ...

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Cognitive abilities – Vol. 5: Numerical cognition

Emanuele Gagliardini

This programme on numerical cognition is divided into 8 areas and — coming with practical forms ...

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Fractions and decimals in practice

Anna Lancini, Roberto Medeghini, Daniela Quaresmini

The mainly abstract teaching of mathematics is often a barrier, which is sometimes insuperable, for ...

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Intellectual disability at school

Result of the work of the greatest experts in the field, thanks to its practical and theoretical ...

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Educating in reasoning

Pier Luigi Baldi

This book offers a new, revised and extended edition of an original programme aimed at stimulating ...

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Developing thoughts with intellectual disabilities

Pier Luigi Baldi

What characterises the thought processes of people with intellectual disabilities? And what makes ...

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