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Making inferences

Agata Maltese, Lidia Scifo, Annamaria Pepi

The ability to make inferences is a crucial aspect for the comprehension of texts, through which the ...

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ICF-CY Basic Operating Profile and Individualized Educational Plan (IEP)

Dario Ianes, Sofia Cramerotti, Caterina Scapin

This book guides the reader - through numerous examples and operational cues - through the different ...

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Certification of competences in Kindergarten and primary school

Giuseppina Gentili

The recent regulatory guidelines provide for the adoption of unified models for the certification of ...

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Teaching competences with lapbooks

Giuditta Gottardi, Ginevra G. Gottardi

A  lapbook is a three-dimensional conceptual map to be constructed, which summarizes a topic in a ...

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From the analogical method, to games, intelligent devices and tools for dealing with dyscalculia.
Simplified texts and fun exercises for improving comprehension and written production.
Multimedia tools for learning foreign languages: reading, understanding and writing.
Programmes and activities for promoting intercultural education and learning for foreign pupils.
Proposals for using new technologies foe better class teaching.
Guides and practical tools for understanding and dealing with speech problems.
Tools for promoting and developing informal didactics.
Tools for dealing with motor and intellectual disabilities at school, in the family and in society in general.
Books and tools for helping children in the growing-up process and for reflecting on the parents' role.
Maps, diagrams and facilitated texts for helping struggling pupils to study effectively.
Self-help manuals and guides for dealing with the most frequent psychological problems.
Tools for acquiring emotional awareness and for overcoming fears and traumas.
Proposals for taking care of others, in particular the elderly.
Tools and test batteries for evaluating various cognitive, linguistic and neuropsychological aspects.
Guides and tools for promoting inclusive didactics and valorising pupils' differing competences.
Proposals for teaching movement right from nursery school from a psychomotor perspective.
Tools and games for encouraging emotional awareness and management in children and adults.
Guides and practical tools for dealing with dyslexia, dysorthographia and dyscalculia.
Essays for understanding the problems and challenges of contemporary society.
Tools for improving concentration skills and for helping children/adolescents with ADHD.
Fun, colourful, innovative proposals for carrying out holiday homework effortlessly.
Proposals for developing mental skills connected to learning and meta-cognitive processes.
Analogical Method