Disability and autism

Disability Studies and Inclusion

Roberto Medeghini, Enrico Valtellina, Beth A. Ferri, Flavia Monceri, Dan Goodley, Tanya Titchkosky, Giuseppe Vadalà, Valentina Migliarini, Simona D'Alessio, Fabio Bocci, Angelo Marra

“Disability Studies and Inclusion” is a collective volume that, from transdisciplinary and ...

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Metacognitive Training for Intellectual Disabilities

Alessandro Antonietti, Silvia Celentano

Many daily actions, like taking the bus, following street directions, or getting ready to complete a ...

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The Story of Marilù and the Five Senses

Carlo Scataglini

Marilù is a very curious child who has fun playing in the woods where her special friend lives: a ...

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The Individualized Educational Program – Life Project – Vol. 1

Dario Ianes, Sofia Cramerotti

The definition of individualized educational-didactic paths capable of giving an effective response ...

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From the leading experts in the sector, thanks to its technical and practical layout, the Sensory ...

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Peer teaching and inclusion

Claudia Munaro, Ilaria Cervellin

Effective, real inclusion of pupils with complex educational needs, like for example cases of autism ...

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Fractions and decimals in practice

Anna Lancini, Roberto Medeghini, Daniela Quaresmini

The mainly abstract teaching of mathematics is often a barrier, which is sometimes insuperable, for ...

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I’ll do it!

Luigi Russo, Antonella Ruggieri

Personal autonomy skills play a very important role in enhancing the integration and social ...

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Intellectual disability at school

Result of the work of the greatest experts in the field, thanks to its practical and theoretical ...

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The Line of 20 – Version for the visually impaired and blind students

Camillo Bortolato, Maria Clarice Bracci

The Line of 20 is finally accessible to visually impaired and blind students! ...

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Autism at school

This book provides teachers with an exhaustive framework of the characteristics peculiar to the ...

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Educating in reasoning

Pier Luigi Baldi

This book offers a new, revised and extended edition of an original programme aimed at stimulating ...

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Making up stories and books with AAC

Maria Antonella Costantino

Research on cognitive, linguistic and emotional development has shown that learning through ...

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Developing thoughts with intellectual disabilities

Pier Luigi Baldi

What characterises the thought processes of people with intellectual disabilities? And what makes ...

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110 Games to reduce disability

Adriano Temporini, José Jorge Chade

There are no games specific for children who are deaf of blind or with other special needs—games ...

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