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Disabilities, Autism and other special educational needs

Highlights of the month

Metacognitive Training for Intellectual Disabilities

Alessandro Antonietti, Silvia Celentano

Many daily actions, like taking the bus, following street directions, or getting ready to complete a ...

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The Individualized Educational Program – Life Project – Vol. 1

The definition of individualized educational-didactic paths capable of giving an effective response ...

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Classic Tales with AAC – The Little Prince

Carlo Scataglini

The essential is invisible to the eyes. ...

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Autism at school

This book provides teachers with an exhaustive framework of the characteristics peculiar to the ...

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Analogical Method
From the analogical method, to games, intelligent devices and tools for dealing with dyscalculia.
Simplified texts and fun exercises for improving comprehension and written production.
Guides and practical tools for understanding and dealing with speech problems.
Tools for promoting and developing informal didactics.
Tools for dealing with motor and intellectual disabilities at school, in the family and in society in general.
Books and tools for helping children in the growing-up process and for reflecting on the parents' role.
Self-help manuals and guides for dealing with the most frequent psychological problems.
Guides and tools for promoting inclusive didactics and valorising pupils' differing competences.
Tools and games for encouraging emotional awareness and management in children and adults.
Guides and practical tools for dealing with dyslexia, dysorthographia and dyscalculia.
Proposals for developing mental skills connected to learning and meta-cognitive processes.