Food Selectivity in the Autism Spectrum Disorder

Luigi Mazzone, Luigi Mazzone

Numerous dysfunctional behaviours can present themselves at mealtimes.  Among these, a particularly ...

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Learning with Video Modelling (KIT: book + Professional software on USB key)

Andreina Costa, Eleonora Fiorot


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Cognitive Profiles and Psychopathological Disorders

Stefano Vicari, Silvia Di Vara, Annarita Milone

This volume sheds light on the most recent aspects related to psychopathological disorders and ...

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Cognitive abilities – Vol. 4: Visual-spatial abilities

Emanuele Gagliardini

The book provides activities for the development and remediation of visual-spatial abilities, which ...

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Cognitive abilities – Vol. 5: Numerical cognition

Emanuele Gagliardini

This programme on numerical cognition is divided into 8 areas and — coming with practical forms ...

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