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Training attention in pre-school age

Maria Cristina Cutrone, Monica Muratori

Possessing both good auditory and visual attention skills, together with a certain cognitive ...

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Organising classes with the START method

Gianluca Daffi, Cristina Prandolini

This book offers a programme, which through activities with paper and pen, and workshops, helps ...

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Workshop for developing attention and cognitive abilities

Gabriella Trevisi, Caterina Bernardi, Donatella Caner, Chiara Da Dalt, Iole Giacomazzi, Emanuela Serafin, Chiara Vidotto, Marina Zanetti

Attention and self-regulation difficulties can emerge in children already at a pre-school age. These ...

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DIARIO START – Adventures in space

Devised by Gianluca Daffi and Cristina Prandolini the DIARIO START - an Erickson revolution in ...

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Books and tools for helping children in the growing-up process and for reflecting on the parents' role.
Self-help manuals and guides for dealing with the most frequent psychological problems.
Tools and test batteries for evaluating various cognitive, linguistic and neuropsychological aspects.
Guides and tools for promoting inclusive didactics and valorising pupils' differing competences.
Tools and games for encouraging emotional awareness and management in children and adults.
Guides and practical tools for dealing with dyslexia, dysorthographia and dyscalculia.
Tools for improving concentration skills and for helping children/adolescents with ADHD.
Fun, colourful, innovative proposals for carrying out holiday homework effortlessly.
Proposals for developing mental skills connected to learning and meta-cognitive processes.