Telling kids the truth about love and sexuality


“Stork? What stork?!” is a book that explains love and sexuality to children ages 9 to 12 in a clear, direct, and emotionally involving way.  Through Alice’s story, a nine year old who has just discovered that her mother is pregnant, young readers can clarify their ideas on childbirth, how the human body is made, how people fall in love… The book was written by Alberto Pellai, one of the best known authors in Italy in the area of emotional education and parent-child relationships, with several of his titles being published abroad. 

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The new edition of “Stork? What stork?!” has arrived on the market after the success reached by the first edition, which sold 30.000 copies in ten years and has become one of the most used books in Italy in primary and middle schools for emotional and sexual education.
The first edition of “Stork? What stork?!” is also the most sold book on Amazon Italy on the subject of sexual education for children. 

Here is what some readers have to say about reading this book together with their children, or have had their children read the book on their own. 

 “I am very satisfied with this book.  It uses simple, but precise language.  My 8 year old daughter found it entertaining and fascinating.  She was curious and we read it together willingly.  Then there are the drawings which are very basic and help with the explanation, and small bits of text, nothing complicated.  A nice book.” (Daniela)

“I gave this book to my 11 year old daughter even though she already knew something about the topic.  She really enjoyed reading the book with her two friends who were also curious about the topic :), and I am happy that we learned important information while having fun” (Amazon’s customer)

“Everything is there! It is written in a scientific way even though it is explained as a story for children, put into poetry, explaining and naming emotions! Full of activities on emotions and knowledge. Very well done. Really exemplary!” (Mari63)

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«Alice is a little bit worried: she has spoken to her mum and dad about this strange thing that is called falling in love, but she still doesn’t seem to be clear about it. She can’t understand what falling in love with someone has got to do with expecting a baby. ‘Mum, when you and dad fell in love, how did you manage to have me? At school some of my friends told me some weird stuff but I think they made it all up’».

Alice is a 9 year old child with a big wish: to have a little brother or sister.  When she discovers that her mom is pregnant, she starts to wonder about the birth of her little brother-to-be and about that “special” love that grown-ups talk about. 

By reading Alice’s story, children can find an answer to their questions about love, sexuality, and the human body, while they go through important phases in their lives.

The discovery of emotions and falling in love

The body’s changes and the differences between males and females

Making love and conception

Pregnancy and childbirth.


To facilitate learning and encourage reflection, at the end of each chapter the book proposes:




The book ends with two APPENDICES: the first one dedicated to growing up, the second one to the answers to the activities.

 Here is a sneak peak at some pages of the book translated into English to facilitate your evaluation:


The book is intended for kids between 9 and 12 years of age and their parents. 


Alberto Pellai is a doctor and a childhood psychotherapist, writer and researcher of the Biomedical Sciences Department at  the University of Studies of Milan.  He has written more than 30 books, many of which are best sellers and have been translated for international markets.  

Barbara Callaba is a psychopedagogist, trainer and family mediator.  She works in the field of primary prevention in childhood and adult formation.