Paper, scissors and apps


Creative workshops on images, sounds and colours


«It is not a matter of transmitting culture but of collaborating together with children, to form the culture itself.»

In the wake of this quote by the teacher and pedagogist Alberto Manzi, Paper, Scissors and Apps is a notebook that assists children in kindergarten with discovering the wonders of the world, thanks to the help of technology.

In fact, between the ages of three and six, it is essential for children to start to explore and become familiar with the outside world: touching the bark of a tree with their hand, hear the sound of the rain, observe the shape of a drop of water, discover how many animals live on the earth, know the sound of another language.

The apps presented in this notebook are presented carefully to encourage the child into a slow and playful world, always mixing analog and digital, and thus helping to enrich and nourish the child’s growth. 

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According to the authors, and following a pedagogical merging between Alberto Manzi and the Bruno Munari Method, technology can be a useful educational tool for the teacher and can play a fundamental role in teaching. The activities proposed by the 10 digital workshops presented in this notebook exploit all the expressive and creative potential of the digital world, making it available to the boundless curiosity of children. In the proposal of this notebook, the child does not sink into solitude watching the screen, but makes it the object of collective play to explore the world with new tools and methods.

This is an example of activity in which digital and analogical meet, as suggested by the app “Midday Rain” provided by Volumique



The apps presented in the book are called “digital workshops”, digital places where children can improvise as small artisans: they manipulate, they observe, they explore, they experiment, they create. It is a real artistic laboratory in which digital and analogical meet, opening the possibility to new sensory paths.

The app Let’s go in the woods, for example, allows children to photograph the trees in their garden, city, or woods to then create visual animations with sound that interact with the touch of the screen. 

All 10 apps presented in the books are:

  • international, and the work of experimentation of the Centro Zaffiria as part of the European project Tandem and App your school;
  • complete with a QR CODE and available for IOS, Android or desktop browser systems;
  • easy to use, with intuitive graphics and little text;

Each workshop has:

  • instructions for reading symbols and a visual dictionary;
  • detailed instructions of each technical step, to accompany the teacher and children step-by-step in the sue of the app;   
  • photocopiable worksheets, to enrich the activities;

Discover how some apps work in this extract translated in English:


The book is perfect for kindergarten teachers who want to introduce technology in the classroom, or for educators who hold workshops for children in museums. 


Alessandra Falconi is the head of Centro Zaffiria, which promotes media education through the development of digital projects and labs for children, teachers and families.

Centro Zaffiria promotes media education, and experiments with a divergent and poetic use of technology, develops educational materials and games, designs and implements workshops and initiatives for children, and shares ideas and projects with teachers and families.