Math, What a Challenge!

Math, What a Challenge!

Games for learning math while having fun

Grazia Cotroni


Two original games in a single box to train and consolidate the notions of geometry in lower secondary school and make children the protagonists of the learning process, in a new, engaging and exciting way. Find out more!


The kit is composed of 2 booklets:

The game consists of being the first to discover the card chosen by the opposing team by asking the players questions that can only be answered with YES or NO. The cards represent geometric figures. The figures can be concave or convex, regular or irregular, they can have parallel sides, they can have congruent angles, they can be polygons or non-polygonsIn addition to instructions for creating the pop-up Magic Book, the booklet contains an introduction to the characteristics of the proposed activities, 10 helpful tips for the adult, and 60 figures for the child to cut out, fold, and glue.

The aim of the game is to allow your team to guess as many words as possible, drawn from the deck of cards in a set time, without saying the forbidden words. The words to guess are mathematical concepts chosen from Euclidean geometry, in particular angles, triangles and quadrilaterals.

The educational objectives

Learning by playing is definitely a fun and never boring method to consolidate some concepts, the two games proposed in Math, What a challenge! allow students to:

  • Reflect on the definitions of properties of objects, on the mathematical language used to describe them and on common language;
  • Know how to identify the properties that distinguish geometric figures;
  • Find the links of that object within different contexts;
  • Express concepts in simple but scientific language;
  • Explain which concepts are unclear;
  • Recognize geometric patterns, describe the characteristics and peculiarities of some shapes;
  • Classify and order shapes based on their properties.

Leaf through the instruction booklet translated into English.

The series Math, What a challenge!

The series Math, What a challenge! was born from the intuition of creating games with similar modalities to the more widespread ones, exercising and putting into play the macro-arguments on which the teaching of mathematics in lower secondary school is based: Geometry, Arithmetic and Algebra.

Through play, children recognize what they study in a non-school context and acquire and understand it in a new perspective.  A stimulus for a revision, studying, or for a better assimilation of the contents.


Grazie Cotroni is a Mathematics and Physics Teacher in secondary school. Since 2009 she has been in charge of the Bottega di Matematica with the DIESSE Association, she is a trainer on the topic of didactic innovation.