Inclusive Workshops with Art Brut

Inclusive Workshops with Art Brut

Programmes for primary school


11 collective workshops in a single notebook providing primary school teachers with instructions to allow children investigate art with inspiration from Art Brut.

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Discovering Art Brut

Art Brut is a concept invented in 1945 by the French painter Jean Dubuffet to indicate artistic productions created by non-professionals or psychiatric hospital patients who operate outside the conventional aesthetic norms. It is a form of expression that welcomes the discovery of what “escapes, overflows, crosses over, (…) because it implies the relationship of equal exchange with plants, animals, objects, worlds, because it engages the mixing of languages ​​and constant change“, and perhaps that is why it seems so close to the connotation of childhood.


Inclusive Workshops with Art Brut looks like a notebook where you can read shared notes and write your own notes and reflections.  It offers suggestions and materials to organize inclusive art programmes inspired by Art Brut with primary school children. The proposals contained in the book urge us to move away from precise gestures and invite us to make art “with what happens,” for example by using a branch instead of a brush, or by mixing colors even before learning to catalogue them.


A rich photographic exhibition introduces Art Brut, its history and evolution.

With various practical examples, the volume presents workshops created with Art Brut in schools.

It offers 11 collective workshops to be created together with primary school children to help them discover art by drawing inspiration from Art Brut.

11 Collective Atelier

  • Collective self-portraits
  • Draw with the wind
  • Copy with me
  • Flying monsters
  • Transforming space with white boxes
  • Transforming space (an example with stones)
  • Image reconstruction with improbable objects
  • The image workshop: the star factory
  • An exhibition that is like a party!
  • Many colours in one
  • Transforming noise into heat

Leaf through some pages of the book which have been translated into English to facilitate your evaluation of the product:


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