Improving fine motor skills

Improving fine motor skills

Games and activities for children from ages 2 to 6

As Piaget claims, movement plays a fundamental role in an individual’s development.  The development of motricity takes place immediately after birth and continues gradually in well-defined stages, leading the child to perform increasingly complex and precise movements. In fact, through movement, children learn about the environment around them, developing spatial and temporal coordination and their cognitive abilities.

This volume, created by the psychomotor specialists Daniela Oddone and Veronica Saccà, proposes “do-it-yourself” activities and games to be carried out with readily available materials to stimulate fine-motor skills in children aged 2 to 6 years.

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The book offers numerous activities, grouped into 3 sections according to the age group of psychomotor development.  The materials used are readily available and natural and daily actions (such as threading, unscrewing, screwing, shaping, coloring, cutting, etc.) are suggested to the child.

 SECTION 1  (from 2 to 3 years): activities to encourage coordination, increase attention, visual tracking  and dexterity (dimensional concepts, associating images and colours, using symbols).

 SECTION 2  (from 3 to 4 years): activities to improve the specific coordination skill of control and regulation of arm and hand movements.

 SECTION 3  (from 5 to 6 years): activities aimed at the development of the fine motor skill prerequisites necessary for learning to write (individual finger movements, correct positioning, managing the space of a piece of paper).

Like all our works, the book is in Italian language, but in order to facilitate your initial evaluation, we are providing a few  pages translated in English:

Each activity worksheet is complete with instructions regarding the duration of the activity, the number of participants needed, the necessary materials, how to carry out the activity, and eventual variations to the game.

The book comes complete with:

    • photocopiable worksheets
    • an appendix with instructions for the preparation of materials
    • attachments to cut and save, one of which is an original game board for the goose game.


The development of fine motor skill is a process that does not always represented by linear progress. Sometimes it is faster, sometimes slower, depending on the individual. This book can be a valuable tool for nursery school teachers, parents, educators and therapists to offer and stimulate the carrying out of daily actions, accompanying the child in his/her personal growth progress through games.

The Authors

Daniela Oddone and Veronica Saccà are specialized in neuro-psychomotor evaluation and treatment for children with developmental disorders.