A game-book for learning how to argue properly
Elisabetta Maùti


Modern pedagogy teaches us that fighting is good. However, you need to know how to do it right!

He started it! is a game-book designed to teach children aged 7 and up to fight properly, allowing them to grow and experiment with different ways of relating to others.

The protagonists of the story are Tito, Rocco and Maria, three siblings who often quarrel with each other.  By following their adventures and observing each one of their emotional worlds during a conflict externally, young readers will be able to reason about the topic of quarrel and develop strategies to be put into practice in real situations at home and at school.

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He started it! it is a game-book, with many decisions to make. It is, in fact, a story at crossroads, where the reader will repeatedly find him or herself faced with a choice of multiple paths to follow, each one marked by a different colour, in order to decide how the story will continue

The book is designed for children to play and have fun together with an adult. Through dialogue, the child and the adult will be able to discuss the options available and share ideas, hypotheses and reasoning.
The overall events of the story will depend on the choices made by the young reader, independently or together with the adult. However, it is always possible to go back, make different choices and change the course of events.

Leaf through some selected pages from the book that have been translated into English to facilitate your evaluation:


Elisabetta Maùti is a  graduate in Modern Foreign Languages and Literature and in Psychology, with a specialisation in communication techniques. She works in Milan, both in a company where she is responsible for personnel development and in a clinic as a clinical psychologist. She is author of fables and nursery rhymes, and founded Dillocon1fiaba, an association that offers workshops on fables for children and adults.

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