Everything you need in mathematics … all in one case!

The case of maths rules

The case of maths rules contains everything you need for learning or revising the rules and definitions of maths and geometry, calculation properties and procedures, and summary tables with formulas.

A single book which contains all the rules and procedures for calculations.

Each page is dedicated to the explanation of a single rule or procedure and is introduced with a cartoon which illustrates the content, providing pupils with «visual hooks» which enable them to understand mathematical code better.

Each rule is presented on the page in the same way: the title of the topic, a cartoon which introduces the application of the rule, a numerical example and the statement of the rule.

The solution procedures for the calculations and problems are given step-by-step on the pages identified with the procedure label. The title on the top of the page identifies the topic, whilst the numerical example always appears alongside an explanation of what to do in each solution phase.

Seven topic sections for learning and revising maths

Each section has a different colour and presents the main rules of the topic it deals with

All topics follow an increasing level of difficulty in the same way as they are dealt with from year one to five at school

The case of maths rules is recommended for pupils with dyscalculia too. It can in fact be considered amongst “non-specific” or “functional” compensatory tools, which support deficient aspects of “transversal” skills such as memory, attention etc.