Erickson’s latest releases

Erickson’s latest releases


Easy science for lower secondary school – second year

Simplified didactic units from chemical substances to the human body

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Inclusive Workshops with Art Brut

Programs for primary school

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Atlas of religions

Stories, traditions and symbols explained to children

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Exercise workbook for overcoming social anxiety

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School education

Play and learn with 44 cats

Catchy exercises with paths and mazes 1

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Personalized tests: Grammar 1

Lower secondary school – First Year

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Escape from school

Explore, resolve and learn spelling

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Let’s change perspective

A programme for developing understanding of oneself and others in kindergarten

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Little English Explorers

Activities in English for preschool teachers and educators

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Dyslexia and other LD

Teaching geometry to students with SLD

Inclusive strategies for lower secondary school

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Communication and Language

Socio-pragmatic communicative disorder

From evaluation to intervention

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Disabilities, Autism and other SEN

Support in practice

Cases, strategies and regulatory tools for effective and inclusive teaching

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Special education needs in pre-school and kindergarten

Effective strategies for teachers

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If you want to use social networks, learn how to surf

Information and advice on how to connect safely

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Strategic Psychotherapy Manual

80 intervention techniques

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Living with multiple sclerosis

FB – Feel Better. A group course for psychological support for newly diagnosed people

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Psychotherapy Manual for the LGBTQIA+ Population

Socio-cultural aspects, theoretical models and intervention protocols

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Test SR 4-5 School Readiness

Tests for identifying basic skills in the transition from kindergarten to primary school

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Social work and welfare

Counselling techniques in socio-healthcare contexts

Tools and methods for effective communication between caregivers and patients

Step-by-step team coordination

Methodology and tools for welfare services