Erickson’s educational games

Erickson’s educational games


Play is a serious business. We are used to thinking of games as pastimes, which are unstructured and self-guided. However, varying scientific research, analysing the connection between play and learning, has highlighted the fact that through play children learn to find solutions to problems, to hone their abilities, to develop abstract thinking, to handle social relationships and measure up to others. When we play, we don’t just have fun and amuse ourselves but we grow together with others, developing our character and personality.

For this reason, Erickson has chosen to develop a series of educational games designed to promote playful, fun learning. Because when we stop playing we simply grow old.

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All enlisted: don’t be fooled by the hairy Viking beards, quickly run through your cards and choose your crew!

Become a real Viking leader with Watch out for the Vikings, a game in the Playing to grow series, conceived to develop attention, working memory and planning.

Age: 4-99 / Players: 2-4

Conceived by Gianluca Daffi


Will you be the one to bring home the most booty?

Test yourself with Quick Fingers, a game in the Playing to grow series, conceived to develop attention, self-control, calculation abilities and reaction speed.

Age: 4-99 / Players: 2-6

Conceived by Gianluca Daffi


Stand by to board: pick up all your cards quickly, beat your opponents and build the totem!

Delve into the world of pirates with There was a pirate, a game in the Playing to grow series, conceived to develop attention, working memory, listening and planning.

Age: 4-99 / Players: 3-6

Conceived by Gianluca Daffi


Learning to read and write has never been so fun!

A briefcase with 550 cards enabling you to enjoy 11 games and over 20 activities which satisfy several teaching aims set out for the first few years of primary school as regards learning reading and writing.

Age: 5-8 / Players: 1-4

Conceived by Lara Carnovali “Teacher Larissa”


The clever and amusing domino to learn playing at school, at home and with friends!

A series of educational games, which are variations on the classic game of dominoes with gradually increasing levels of difficulty and are excellent for supporting learning and automatisms especially in calculations and reading and writing.

Age: 5-8 / Players: 2+

Conceived by Flavio Fogarolo


Test yourself, check the answers and learn independently, whilst having fun!

TABLOTTO is an easy, intuitive game which stimulates children’s curiosity and motivation and thanks to the self-correcting mechanism allows children to:

  • acquire and develop the most important prerequisites for learning reading and writing and mathematical skills. (TABLOTTO 4-6)
  • develop and consolidate and facilitate reading and writing, cognitive skills and logical and mathematical skills (TABLOTTO 6-8)

TABLOTTO 4-6: Age: 4-6 / Players: 1-4

TABLOTTO 6-8: Age: 6-8 / Players: 1-4

The cards were conceived and developed by Desirée Rossi


The Giocaquattro series offers simple didactic board games in order to help children get to know their first words in English.

The aim of the game is to match up as many cards as possible, like in dominoes. Each card represents a noun (person, animal, object) and an adjective or a verb.

Age: 6-7 / Players: 2+

Conceived by Flavio Fogarolo