Conquering multiplication tables

Conquering multiplication tables

To review the multiplication tables while having fun


The box includes two different games, Bingo and Battle, and allows children aged 7 and up to transform the review of multiplication tables into a fun activity concerning sweets! Pupils will be able to stimulate memory, consolidate automatisms and enhance the speed of calculation. The game comes with practical examples and online resources, including printable block sheets and other in-depth materials for the game of Bingo.
At the end of the game, children will have to count their points and discover which grade they have reached in the Gluttony troops!

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Multiplication tables’ battle

By throwing the dice and solving multiplications, each player will conquer territories on the map. Each area has a specific value depending on the difficulty of the multiplication table involved: the less strenuous lowlands score fewer points than the arduous mountain lands.
Getting the highest possible score will enable children to reach the highest rank in the Gluttony Troops.

Multiplication tables’ bingo

As in the classic game of bingo, by throwing the dice and solving multiplications, each player will try to get as many numbers as possible from their card: to make two numbers, set of three, four numbers, etc.
Children will better try to figure out in advance what multiplication will be necessary to fill in their card, so to higher the final score the better!


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Luca Congia is a psychologist, specialized in Psychopathology of Learning, and has a long experience with children and adolescents with specific learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, intellectual disability and in conditions of social distress. He has a great passion for origami, comics, experimental music and creative activities for children.