CLIL with lapbook – Science


Programmes and materials for primary school

Two language versions available: English and German

English version

Third grade: Living things and non-living things; Ecosystems; Matter
Fourth grade: Cells and photosynthesis; The Earth’s atmosphere; The food chain
Fifth grade: Astronomy; The digestive system and nutrition; The human body


German version

3.Klasse: Lebewesen und unbelebte Objekte; Ökosysteme; Die Materie
4.Klasse: Zellen und Photosynthese; Die Erdatmosphäre; Die Nahrungskette
5. Klasse: Astronomie; Ernährung und Verdauung; Der menschliche Körper



CLIL WITH LAPBOOK (CLIL MIT LAPBOOK in the German version) is the first CLIL-based programme specially designed for years three to five of primary school for teaching science according to the CLIL approach. Developed by a team of Erickson experts, it is a complete programme that meets the needs of the teachers who already use or intend to use the CLIL methodology. It contains both material for pupils and a teacher’s guide.

Student’s Lapbook

Student’s Workbook

Teacher’s Guide

Teacher’s Guide

The presentation of the subject contents occurs in an innovative multisensorial and collaborative workshop-type setting. Using the Student’s Lapbook, pupils develop their linguistic and didactic competences by creating a sort of folder in which they will insert minibooks or templates regarding the main concepts discussed in class.

Student’s Lapbook

Student’s Lapbook

The project was developed around ten key points:

  1. Material made by the pupil
  2. Material that organises content
  3. A complete curricular programme
  4. Attention given to the cognitive component
  5. Material that contains different languages and is highly visual
  6. Digital support tools
  7. Templates for linguistic knowledge
  8. Material that encourages reflection and meta-cognitive strategies
  9. Material that envisages the co-building of knowledge through group work and pair work
  10. Inclusive material which is accessible at a graphic and general level