Workshops and group activities

The Artist’s Briefcase

Centro Zaffiria, Alessandra Falconi, Hervé Tullet

Hervé Tullet and Alessandra Falconi's briefcase has arrived for kindergarten and primary school! ...

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A Thousand Theatres

Giulia Orecchia

Theater has always fascinated people, and it is a place of culture and passion, so why not turn it ...

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The Card Magician

Lorenzo Scataglini, Pietro Scataglini

Are you ready to become a great card magician and surprise your friends with a breathtaking ...

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Carlo Carzan, Sonia Scalco

Every year in the Kingdom of Ludus there is a huge festival dedicated to fairy tales, but during the ...

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The Story of Marilù and the Five Senses

Carlo Scataglini

Marilù is a very curious child who has fun playing in the woods where her special friend lives: a ...

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A thousand and one stories

Giulia Orecchia

A box which contains many materials to stimulate and develop imagination and creativity.  The ...

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Pato and Mila grow up (Full KIT: CD-ROM + book)

Silvia Andrich Miato, Sofia Cramerotti

The CD-ROM recounts the adventures of Pato and Mila, two friendly kittens, brother and sister, who ...

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