Learning with the analogical method and the interactive whiteboard (Full KIT: CD-ROM + book)

Math-teaching tools for elementary school

Product: Software

Pages: 144 + CD-ROM

ISBN: 978-88-6137-678-6

Publication date: 01/09/2010

Suitable for: Primary 1st level (ages 6-7)


The interactive whiteboard is more and more present in Italian classrooms. This book with attached cd-rom has been designed to help teachers recognize the advantages of the interactive board and suggest ways to integrate it into their teaching.

The book contains a guide to the use of the cd-rom and a presentation of the analogical method applied to math teaching. The software solutions are complemented by a detailed description of their use and aims. The book also contains a set of worksheets to use in class.

The cd-rom contains the interactive board software solutions to use for teaching numbers, counting, the four operations, and mental and written calculus. Every solution can be used singularly or as part of a larger set of systematized exercises. The cd-rom also contains videos clarifying the potentialities of the tools and their teaching value.

Digital contents:

- Logical blocks: the tool enables pupils to master the mechanism of hierarchical classification

- The Line of 20: digital edition. It enables pupils approach to different numbers and calculation strategies

- The 100 table: a numeric table to become familiar with numbers up to 100

- The line of 100: designed to develop perceptual structuring and calculation abilities up to 100.

- Numerary: it enables to learn to read numbers up to 10000. With this tool reading the written code becomes simple and intuitive

- The House of 1000 

- The Line of 5000 

- The Line of 10000

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