Orazio, a baker in space (Full KIT: CD-ROM + book)

Play and learn with pre calculation abilities

Product: Software

ISBN: 978-88-590-0293-2

Publication date: 01/05/2013

Suitable for: Nursery 1st Level (ages 3-4), Nursery 2nd Level (ages 4-5)


The series “My first software” is addressed to girls and boys from 4 years old and upward who want to learn while playing. The idea is to provide a variety of entertaining educational games to do on the computer (but not only) which develop skills that will be needed in subsequent learning tasks.

The inhabitants of the planet Bitter don’t know what sweet is. One fine day however, Orazio arrives aboard a cake-shaped space ship and opens a fantastic cafe and cake-shop.  His enterprise is immediately hugely successful and everyone wants to taste his lovely specialities: ice-creams, cakes, milkshakes, doughnuts and much much more …
He has a lot of customers and it is not easy to meet all their demands. What’s more he also has to deal with the Stragolosi, a strange and greedy alien species who cannot resist the delicacies Orazio prepares and do everything to complicate his life! The poor cake-maker needs a helper and decides to ask the young users, inviting them to take part in a series of fun games.
With 8 fun activities structured around levels of increasing difficulty, children can assimilate and consolidate their knowledge and skills connected with pre-calculation, overcoming various challenges in order to help the hero, all in a fun, stimulating environment.

The book introduces and describes the VIDEO-PLAY-CARE formula, where the criteria inspiring the project is briefly presented: the word video reminds us of technology, playing and the importance of the recreational dimension in development, playing at taking care of and holding the educational sphere close to one’s heart. The first section is dedicated to the ever-closer relationship between play and learning in the digital age, whilst the second part presents the educational use of multimedia games. The third part, in addition to a software user’s guide, contains a series of practical suggestions for setting up activities, organising games and creating teaching and recreational materials at home too, in order to integrate the multimedia experience with concrete proposals that pursue the same learning goals but that also engage other important dimensions of a child’s development like the body, emotions and relationships… because one game leads to another…

• Lurking Strangolosi
• An intelligent oven
• Birthday cakes
• Mister I Pay
• Flying doughnuts
• A distracted waiter
• The fruitmixer
• The perfect recipe
• Let’s paint!

Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista

Processor: 1 GHz or faster.



Windows XP

Processor: 800MHz or faster.

RAM: 128 MB
Display: 1024x768 and 65.000 colors (16 bit)
150 MB free hard disk space