Step-by-step team coordination

Methodology and tools for welfare services

Elena Cabiati, Elena Cabiati

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ISBN: 9788859025894

Publication date: 01/11/2021


In welfare services, the coordinator is the one who guides the team of professionals in care work with people, families, groups and communities in difficult situations, within articulated organizational systems which follow the framework of the referenced social and socio-health policies. Thanks to a highly operational approach, Step-by-step team coordination provides service managers and coordinators with tools and techniques useful for enhancing and harmonizing skills within the organization, facilitating collaboration between different professionals and the individual assessment of workers.

7 steps
The manual is divided into 7 Steps for achieving specific learning objectives, and is enriched with numerous cards, checklists, exercises, questionnaires, ideas for reflection, evaluation and self-assessment. Each step is designed to encourage the development of skills and competences useful for performing functions commonly attributed to middle-managers in welfare services, such as conducting meetings, evaluating and monitoring, and participating in shared reflection sessions.

Recommended for
The text is dedicated to professionals who coordinate teams, services or projects in aid, social and socio-health organizations.

Introductory essay
Methodology and tools in 7 steps
Step 1 The coordination style: awareness and strengthening
Step 2 Interprofessional collaboration: enhancing skills and helping operators to work together
Step 3 Workload: assignment, management and monitoring
Step 4 The team’s state of health: supporting the well-being of professionals
Step 5 Facing issues with clarity: evaluation, monitoring and feedback
Step 6 Team meetings: conducting and facilitating
Step 7 Case reflection: accompanying operational and training processes