Tablet of English Rules

Francesca Panzica, Antonella Pesce

Practical and manageable like a real tablet, where all information can be instantly recalled with a ...

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Cesare Cornoldi, Lorena Montesano, Antonella Valenti

LSC-SUA is a battery of tests for the evaluation of SLD and other difficulties in university ...

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Tablet of Italian Rules

Anna Rita Vizzari

The TABLET OF ITALIAN RULES is a tool designed specifically for middle school students: phonology, ...

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Treatment of scholastic learning disorders

Patrizio Emanuele Tressoldi, Claudio Vio

From a precise diagnosis of scholastic learning disorders, it is necessary to use the best indicated ...

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Diagnosing Specific Learning Disorders

Patrizio Emanuele Tressoldi, Claudio Vio, Gianluca Lo Presti

The so-called “scholastic learning disorders,” which primarily affect reading, writing, and ...

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Classic Tales with AAC – Pinocchio

Carlo Scataglini

Once upon a time there was a piece of wood. ...

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DYSORTHOGRAPHY, DYSGRAPHIA and other writing difficulties at school

From the leading experts in the sector, thanks to its technical and practical layout, ...

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The P.A.S.S.I Programme

Lucia Bigozzi, Elena Falaschi, Giuliana Pinto

Notational awareness is a predictor of dyslexia and dysorthography and can be recognised by ...

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School well-being in students with SLD

Ciro Ruggerini, Giovanna Lami, Sumire Manzotti, Omar Daolio, Giovanna Lami

The condition of «school well-being» is incredibly relevant to that of «well-being» when faced ...

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Clinical programmes in speech therapy – Text comprehension

Graziella Tarter, Monja Tait, Helga Marino

With the first book in the «Clinical programmes in Speech Therapy» collection, the «Speech ...

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Executive functions in SLD

Luigi Marotta, Pamela Varvara

The first specific protocol available in Italy for assessing executive functions! ...

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Speech therapy interventions in SLD – WRITING

Itala Riccardi Ripamonti, Enrico Savelli, Anna Giulia De Cagno

The «Speech therapy in childhood and adolescence» series continues with this book on writing, ...

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Speech therapy interventions in SLD – DYSLEXIA

Luigi Marotta, Enrica Mariani, Manuela Pieretti

Out of all the Specific Learning Disorders dyslexia is the difficulty that manifests earliest. For ...

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The Case of Italian Rules

Nicoletta Farmeschi, Anna Rita Vizzari

Here is the Case of Italian Rules for primary school! Here you will find everything you need to ...

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Our child is dyslexic

Gianluca Lo Presti

The most recent ministerial legislation regarding pupils with SEN marks further progress towards ...

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Caring for children with ADHD and SLD

Gian Marco Marzocchi, Centro per l'Età Evolutiva

Research on developmental disorders has produced a number of scientific contributions in recent ...

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Developmental dyslexia (KIT: book + Professional software on USB pen drive + 5 Family licences)

Enrico Savelli, Svano Pulga

The KIT contains a guide and software (for Windows and Mac) on a USB pen drive, offering different ...

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Stories of extraordinary dyslexia

Rossella Grenci, Daniele Zanoni

This book is about dyslexic geniuses, drawing together 15 stories of famous dyslexics, who have ...

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Eagles are born to fly

Rossella Grenci

What do Leonardo da Vinci, Steven Spielberg, Albert Einstein and George Clooney have in common? ...

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Building and developing pre-alphabetic skills

Barbara Fioravanti, Enrico Savelli, Stefano Franceschi

From a traditional pedagogical viewpoint, literacy has a precise starting pint, which generally ...

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SLD at play

Luigi Marotta, Alessandra Finzi, Claudia Ronchetti, Mariagrazia Benassi, Sara Giovagnoli

SLD at play offers a developmental experience capable of changing the beliefs and dysfunctional ...

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Dyslexia and other LD at school

This book provides teachers with an exhaustive framework of the characteristics peculiar to the ...

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Effective study for students with learning disabilities

Cesare Cornoldi, Gianna Friso, Valeria Amadio, Angela Paiano, Maria Rosaria Russo

This method is the follow-up to best selling Learn how to study. The book applies the methods ...

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hyperMAPS 2 (KIT: Guide + set-up CD-ROM)

Supervision, materials and texts by Flavio Fogarolo and Carlo Scataglini ...

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Typing fast (Full KIT: CD-ROM + book)

Flavio Fogarolo

In the age of information, typing has almost completely replaced handwriting, so it is more and more ...

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