SLD - Specific Learning Disorders

AC-MT-3 6-14 years – Tests for the clinic

Cesare Cornoldi, Irene Cristina Mammarella, Sara Caviola

The new version of two great Erickson classics (AC-MT 6-11 and AC-MT 11-14), updated and adapted for ...

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Treatment of scholastic learning disorders

Patrizio Emanuele Tressoldi, Claudio Vio

From a precise diagnosis of scholastic learning disorders, it is necessary to use the best indicated ...

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Diagnosing Specific Learning Disorders

Patrizio Emanuele Tressoldi, Claudio Vio, Gianluca Lo Presti

The so-called “scholastic learning disorders,” which primarily affect reading, writing, and ...

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Executive functions in SLD

Luigi Marotta, Pamela Varvara

The first specific protocol available in Italy for assessing executive functions! ...

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Daniela Lucangeli, Irene Cristina Mammarella, Sara Caviola, Giulia Gerotto

The main objective of the AC-FL fluency tests is that of providing clinicians and teachers with a ...

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BDE-2: Developmental dyscalculia battery

Andrea Biancardi, Claudia Nicoletti, Christina Bachmann

This new edition of Battery for Developmental Dyscalculia, which was originally published in 2004, ...

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Caring for children with ADHD and SLD

Gian Marco Marzocchi, Centro per l'Età Evolutiva

Research on developmental disorders has produced a number of scientific contributions in recent ...

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SLD at play

Luigi Marotta, Alessandra Finzi, Claudia Ronchetti, Mariagrazia Benassi, Sara Giovagnoli

SLD at play offers a developmental experience capable of changing the beliefs and dysfunctional ...

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Test AC-MT 11-14 – Calculation abilities and problem solving evaluation test

Cesare Cornoldi, Chiara Cazzola

The AC-MT 11-14 is an extremely important mathematical ability evaluation test, as it is one of the ...

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