Self-esteem and self-efficacy

Meditating with life

Antonella Montano, Valentina Iadeluca

The volume offers a programme for approaching mindfulness.After explaining what mindfulness is and ...

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Exercise workbook for overcoming social anxiety

Duccio Baroni, Laura Caccico, Serena Ciandri, Cristian Di Gesto, Laura Di Leonardo, Alice Fiesoli, Francesco Lauretta, Antonella Lebruto, Giulia Rosa Policardo, Martina Rosadoni

Social anxiety is a rather disabling disorder.  It generates a great deal of suffering and often ...

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All you need is sport

Paolo Crepaz

How would I explain to a child what happiness is? I wouldn't tell him: I'd give him a balloon to ...

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Get informed, understand and vote: the important thing is to participate

A.I.P.D. Associazione Italiana Persone Down, Francesco Cadelano, Carlotta Leonori

Get informed, understand and vote: the important thing is to participate was created from the ...

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Substance use and abuse

Giulia Calamai

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is increasing due to the social, environmental and cultural ...

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TCS-A – Test on passing developmental tasks in adolescence

Paolo Gambini

The TCS-A aims to evaluate the passing of developmental tasks in adolescence, grouping them into 4 ...

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Eagles are born to fly

Rossella Grenci

What do Leonardo da Vinci, Steven Spielberg, Albert Einstein and George Clooney have in common? ...

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The ABC of my emotions 4-7 (SOFTWARE)

Mario Di Pietro

The ABC of my emotions 4-7 programme aims to provide an update on the latest results of Rational ...

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The ABC of my emotions – ages 4-7

Mario Di Pietro

In recent years huge progress has been made in the field of emotional education: literature on this ...

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Am I ok?

Michele Giannantonio

Feeling good with ourselves and others is important, but to do this we need to learn to face the ...

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