Sentimental relationships and life as a couple

The art of mending your heart

Duccio Baroni

Starting in childhood, human beings learn to bond with others, to share experiences and predict the ...

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Raising men

Monica Lanfranco

What is sexuality for you? ...

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Once upon a time the first time

Fabio Veglia, Rossella Pellegrini

A useful book to help adults answer the most difficult questions about sex for adolescents. Once ...

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Mindfulness Program “The flower inside”

Antonella Montano, Silvia Villani

This book is intended to be a structured guide for the application of a program for teaching ...

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The wait

Alberto Pellai

The diary of a woman who speaks of the emotions which accompanied her during her nine months of ...

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Sincere love

Giorgio Piccinino, Dianora Casalegno

In a passionate and captivating, but also straightforward and sensible manner, this book talks about ...

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