Once upon a time the first time

How to talk about sex and love at school, at home, and in bed together

Fabio Veglia, Rossella Pellegrini

Product: Book

Trim size in cm: 14x22cm

Pages: 133

ISBN: 978-88-7946-529-8


A useful book to help adults answer the most difficult questions about sex for adolescents. Once upon a time the first time does not want to be a sexology or sex education treaty.  Instead, the purpose is to provide, in a narrative style, basic knowledge on human sexuality, which is firmly anchored in the most recent scientific research and reinterpreted in the light of an innovative psychological model.

The fresh and young style leads to reading this book not only as a self-help manual, but also to be able to deal with the subject with children or parents, to recognize one’s doubts and concerns, those of other children, or simply as a pleasant read.

Instructions for use

  • How to read this book

  • Advice for parents on how to talk about sex with their children

  • Advice for children on how to talk about sex with their parents

  • Giving meaning to sex

Let’s try to talk about it

  • How many holes does a woman have?

  • What is the frenulum?

  • What happens when you make love?

  • Why do they always want it?

  • Why does it get hard even if I just look? It’s pretty embarrassing!

  • How many orgasms can I have during sex?

  • Is it bad for me if I touch myself?

  • What do you do with your tongue during a kiss? Does it stay still or what?

  • What is enjoyment really?

  • Water, salt and ammonia?

  • I want to know everything, from pubic lice to AIDS?

  • Would I still have been born?