Managing social anxiety

Strategies for controlling and dealing with shyness

Product: Book

Trim size in cm: 14x22

Pages: 156

ISBN: 978-88-590-1633-5

Publication date: 01/09/2018


Everyone wants to make a good impression and is afraid of being rejected so a little bit of anxiety helps us do our best. But what should we do if even in the most normal of situations we always feel scrutinised and with all eyes constantly on us? Avoiding social situations solves the problem in the short term but proves to be counter productive in the long run. Based on cognitive behavioural therapy, this book offers a programme for bringing anxiety down to manageable levels. It starts with a short test which assesses the «temperature» of our anxiety; then the following are presented – strategies and practical exercises, accompanied by detailed descriptions and worksheets to complete, in order to face anticipatory anxiety and post-event processing, cognitive restructuring techniques and mediation exercises for facing the most difficult situations. The pdf worksheets and audio files accompanying the exercises are also available to download using the special codes that come with the book. The programme wraps up with an invitation to expose ourselves to situations which test our anxiety more and more, initially only in our imaginations and then in reality. It won’t be easy at first but as long as we do not become discouraged by difficulties, our social lives will become much more satisfying.

Chapter 1 What social anxiety disorder is
Chapter 2 The origins of social anxiety
Chapter 3 Measuring social anxiety
Chapter 4 The ABC of the programme
Chapter 5 Anticipatory anxiety and post-event processing
Chapter 6 Situational anxiety
Chapter 7 Distancing yourself from your thoughts
Chapter 8 How to question your own thoughts
Chapter 9 Other people's minds
Chapter 10 Exposing yourself to anxiety
Chapter 11 Preventing relapses