Text comprehension with temporal sequencing – Volume 2

New games and activities for naming and verbal comprehension

Elisa Quintarelli

Product: Book

Trim size in cm: 21x29,7cm

ISBN: 978-88-590-1863-6

Publication date: 01/05/2019

Suitable for: Primary 1st level (ages 6-7), Primary 2nd level (ages 8-10)


Transmitting a curiosity for books to children and getting them used to reading from an early age has positive results on cognitive, emotional and relational development. Just as with reading, observing the images of the stories and commenting on them, or even inventing new ones, produces a significant improvement in language and verbal comprehension, and an enrichment of vocabulary and syntax.

A follow-up to the first volume First Stories (Erickson, 2016), this second volume proposes 20 new stories accompanied by lively illustrations that accompany the children on the adventures of 5 funny characters:
• Dino the Dragon
• Paolo the Balloon
• Lina the Snail
• Teo the Hippopotamus
• Camillo the Fisherman.

The stories, written in capital letters to encourage direct access to the text, are aimed at children aged 4 to 6 and can be enjoyed by parents and professionals either individually, in small groups or in the classroom.

The ease of use allows the volume to also be used with older children with cognitive impairment and / or language delay. At the end of each story there are exercises aimed at practicing understanding, logical associations, temporal sequencing and the recognition of the initial or final syllable of the word. The book comes complete with an attached file containing 20 scenes and 60 characters to cut out to invent new stories and play nice group games.

Structure of the book

FIRST PART – Stories and comprehension exercises
Fishing with dad
At the shopping mall
At the fair
The circus is coming
Grandma is coming
A train ride
The videogame
Sofia’s dog
Dad’s birthday
The argument
My favourite dress
The birthday present
A trip to the farm
The best sports match
The recital
Paola cleans up
So afraid of the needle
Always late
A terrible adventure
A trip to the mountains

SECOND PART – Illustrated sequences