The Psychomotricity Group

Mind, body, relationships

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Pages: 170

ISBN: 978-88-590-1430-0

Publication date: 01/11/2017


The creative unpredictability of the group is the heart at which psychomotor education looks carefully: it articulates constraints and resources, freedom and responsibility, autopoiesis and contextual rules.

In fact, in children, the educational group favors the experience of ideas for action which are free from the conditions experienced with family attachment. Supported by fictitious role-play, and thanks to the division of actions among the various participants, the children expand their self-awareness during the group games, and learn how they can influence others, and how much they can or should let themselves be motivated.

When the psychomotor teacher is sufficiently prepared to “maintain distance” in the interpretation of the single child and with the group, simple play with the other members of the group becomes a socializing experience.  The capacity to trust others is acquired thanks to games of exchanging, sharing, opposition and adjustment within the group, where the spontaneity and fullness of bodily actions in different situations can be explored and expressed.

This is ultimately the educational value, the starting point but at the same time the arrival point of psychomotor education: interacting by moving one’s own body, which is heard and communicated in circles with others.

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