150 games in movement

Developing motor planning prerequisites for learning

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Trim size in cm: 21x29,7

Pages: 186 + coloured activity sheets attached

ISBN: 978-88-590-0845-3

Publication date: 01/03/2015

Suitable for: Nursery 1st Level (ages 3-4), Nursery 2nd Level (ages 4-5), Primary 1st level (ages 6-7), Primary 2nd level (ages 8-10)


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150 games in movement came about from the need to provide activities and tools for encouraging the acquisition and development of motor planning prerequisites to learning at a pre-school age (nursery and pre-school), during the first few years of primary school and beyond, in the event of motor organisation deficits or intellectual disabilities. In line with MIUR guidelines and the most recent studies, the book offers 150 games which aim to improve:
• body perception and control
• balance and gross motor coordination
• hand-eye and fine motor coordination
• graphic-motor skills
• praxic organisation aimed at autonomies and graphic motor skills.
The games can be proposed both in recreational-educational, scholastic and extra scholastic settings and in rehabilitation. Each game comes with recommendations about target age group, objectives pursued, how to play it (individually, in pairs or in groups), the material and time needed, what to do and variations/developments. The latter are particularly important because they provide ideas for increasing flexibility and lay the foundations for generalisation. Furthermore, there is an appendix with dozens of worksheets and colour material for specific games.
The book is designed for anyone who deals with childhood development: curricular and support teachers, educators, neuropsychomotor therapists and parents.

Body perception
Dynamic coordination and balance
Upper limbs and manual abilities

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