Risolina’s treasure

A story about the importance of diversity

Product: Book

Trim size in cm: 14x22

Pages: 72 in full colour + audio CD

ISBN: 978-88-590-0545-2

Publication date: 01/03/2014

Suitable for: Primary 1st level (ages 6-7), Primary 2nd level (ages 8-10)


Risolina is a little girl who, because of a magic spell, was born with hair made out of silk and grains of rice. Because of her differences she is often left out and made fun of by her schoolmates, which really worries her parents.
Risolina is really sad but she tries to hide her feelings by wearing a «mask of pretend happiness» at home and at school.
Until she discovers that… what makes us different is also what makes us unique and special! In fact, Risolina’s uniqueness will prove to be an extraordinary resource for her town, teaching everyone that each and every one of us is precious, regardless of what we are used to thinking of as «normal».

This story helps us reflect upon the value of diversity and the importance of learning to look at people without being fooled by appearances and succumbing to clichés.
It may also be a useful teaching and narrative tool to be used in school programmes dedicated to the topic of integration and the prevention of bullying.