11 tales of happiness

Learn to think positively

Product: Book

Trim size in cm: 14x22

Pages: 192 (32 colourful pages)

ISBN: 978-88-590-0306-9

Publication date: 01/10/2013

Suitable for: Primary 1st level (ages 6-7), Primary 2nd level (ages 8-10)


What do you think is so special about these naïve little creatures taking centre stage in these tales to be able to help the reader find nothing less than happiness? The answer is easy! These stories are inspired by the well-known theory of “erroneous zones”, formulated by the American psychologist Dyer, according to which, we are all responsible for our own happiness and, thus, also for our own unhappiness.

Through 11 funny tales and various humorous characters with whom you can easily identify, this book teaches children, and not only children, how to modify that negative behaviour and thinking which thwarts their personal well-being. A short-tempered porcupine who can’t help throwing about his quills, a giraffe who is a bit of a dreamer but never gets anything done, an insecure chameleon who is constantly changing colour in order to be accepted by others, a frog who doesn’t like himself at all and wants to become a prince at all costs, a cry-baby crocodile who dwells on the past and imagines future catastrophes… just a few of the many bizarre little beasts who populate these stories. They have all been created in order to raise a smile, encourage pleasure from reading and send home the message that happiness is possible, as long as we work hard at changing our bad habits.

At the end of each tale various activities are suggested which allow us to reflect on identifying behaviour and thoughts which are obstacles to our own happiness, offering suitable strategies for learning how to change these.

Arthur, the chameleon with stripes and spots
A fairy-tale for learning not to depend on the approval of others
Milly, the grumpy bee and the taste of the sunflower honey
A fairy-tale for learning to face up to your responsibilities
Gino, the furious porcupine
A fairy-tale for learning to control bouts of rage
Eliana, the giraffe with her neck beyond the clouds
A fairy-tale for learning not to put off until tomorrow
Oscar, the crocodile who almost drowned in his own tears
A fairy-tale for learning to tackle remorse and useless worrying
Camilla, the snail who is «all house and lettuce»
A fairy-tale for learning not to be afraid of new experiences and change
Beatrice, the painting seal
A fairy-tale for learning to avoid conditioning and the tendency towards conformism
Leopold, the koala in the box
A fairy-tale for learning to be independent
Ingrid, the collecting kangaroo
A fairy-tale for learning to free yourself from past conditioning
Hugo, the octopus in a sea of injustice
A fairy-tale for learning not to let yourself be tortured by a sense of injustice
Fred, the frog who couldn't become a prince
A fairy-tale for learning to love yourself