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How to develop a healthy bond from pregnancy to age 4

Antonella Montano, Roberta Rubbino, Anna Claudia Massolo

Product: Book

Trim size in cm: 14x22cm

Pages: 180

ISBN: 978-88-590-1924-4

Publication date: 01/09/2019


Attachment is a biological system, developed in the course of childhood in the search for protection, which allows the child to grow and become a peaceful and confident adult.

 Research shows that the type of relationship we have with our parents can change over time and that, when this happens, the child’s attachment also changes. This means that it is never too late to stimulate a change in the relationship with one’s children. It has also been shown that the relationships in which the child feels understood and safe constitute an important source of resilience – the ability to adapt to change – a gift that, acquired in the first years of life, can develop even later, into adulthood.

 This is not simply an informative book, but one that serves as a tool involving both parents in terms of reflection, play and experimentation, while referring to the major scholars in the field and to the most important and recent discoveries in the field of scientific research. Each chapter, dedicated to a specific age range of the child, ends with a worksheet to be completed individually or with the other parent.

First chapter – What is bonding?
Second chapter – Bonding styles: why invest in the creation of a healthy bond?
Third chapter – Key points for the development of a healthy bond
Fourth chapter - From birth to two months: the journey begins
Fifth chapter – Four months: here I am!
Sixth chapter – Six months: the usual routine
Seventh chapter - Nine months: who are you? I don’t recognize you
Eighth chapter – Twelve months: free to explore
Ninth chapter – Eighteen months: I feel, therefore I am
Tenth chapter - Twenty-four months: everything has a limit
Eleventh chapter - Thirty-six months: the revenge of the left
Twelfth chapter - Forty-eight months: I’ll do it!
Conclusions - Beyond age four: continuing to cultivate a healthy bond with your child