The art of negotiating with your children

From the «cash machine» parent to the competent parent

Product: Book

Trim size in cm: 14x22

Pages: 180

ISBN: 978-88-590-0882-8

Publication date: 01/10/2015


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In relationships with your children, no matter what the age, as well as authority and educational coherence, it is essential that you know the rules of negotiating, in order to help them grow and also to reduce conflicts between you, the parents, and your children.

This book is designed as a practical aid for those problematic situations where negotiation can be used as an educational tool and can help improve relations with your children. Knowing how to negotiate with your children does not mean waiving the right to set rules and limits, instead it means developing good relationships, starting from the ability to find solutions together and identify shared objectives.

Starting with a few short stories of every-day conflict, the book provides practical tips and strategies for learning the techniques of negotiation, offering interpretations of conflicts and possible methods of constructive interaction between parents and children.


A book for…

  • Learning the art of negotiating with your own children, taking strategies from commercial and diplomatic negotiations as a model.

The strengths of this book

  • Full of practical tips and strategies
  • Authors’ proven experience in handling parent-children relationships


The family - This house is a hotel – An unlikely dinner

- Family and families

- The families that we end up with

- «New» parents

- Types of parents

- Mothers that run with their children

- «ATM dads»

- Children with suitcases

- A digital generation

- Parents 2.0



- This house is a hotel – There's nobody here!

- The challenges of upbringing

- Upbringing in the age of social networks

- La mala educación

- The value of conflict

- Is «no» really necessary for growth?

- You have to be a good listener!

- Hang in there!

- Styles of upbringing

- Upbringing with a capital «C»



- This house is a hotel – A mug of milk

- Clashing is good for you!

- Which style of conflict?

- Knowing how to communicate

- Putting yourself in their shoes

- Ordering, arguing or handing out discipline?

- Mediating, making deals, negotiating

- The good negotiator

- Negotiating with your children


How to negotiate

- This house is a hotel – The Valkyrie

- Planning

- Steps to take

- To say (and not say)

- To do (and not do)

- To try (and avoid)

- The contract

- The rules of the rules



Activities for acquiring negotiating skills

The negotiation contract

Questionnaire 1: What kind of parent are you?

Questionnaire 2: How do you deal with conflict?

Suggestions for in-depth analysis of the issues