Stork? What stork?!

Telling kids the truth about love and sexuality

Product: Book

Trim size in cm: 14x22

Pages: 168 colourful pages

ISBN: 978-88-6137-479-9

Publication date: 01/09/2009

Suitable for: Lower secondary 1st level (ages 10-11)


Alice is a nine-year old with one wish: to have a little brother or sister. When she finds out that her mum is pregnant, she starts asking her questions about the birth of her future brother and about that «special loving each other» that adults talk about. Her doubts are those of any child who wonders about sexuality for the first time: «Why does mummy’s tummy keep getting bigger?», «How did my little brother get into your tummy and how will he get out?», «Was I in your tummy too before I was born?» . Through the explanations of Alice’s parents and teacher, children can find the answers to their questions about love, sexuality, the changes in human body as one grows, the emotions of falling in love, the differences between girls and boys, making love and conception, pregnancy and birth. In addition each chapter contains nursery rhymes, diary pages and fun activities, which stimulate reflection and give children the space to write down their thoughts and check what they have learnt.

From the book:
Alice is a little bit worried: she has spoken to her mum and dad about this strange thing that is falling in love, but she still doesn’t seem to be clear about it. She can’t understand what falling in love with someone has got to do with expecting a baby. «Mum, when you and dad fell in love, how did you manage to have me? At school some of my friends told me some weird stuff but I think they made it all up.»

- Let’s begin
- Alice’s curiosity
- Talks
- A little embarassment
- Falling in love
- Words without voice
- Making love
- Conception
- Tadpoles and little eggs
- Pregnancy
- In mummy’s tummy
- The birth
- Our body: women
- Our body: men