Bilingualism in childhood

Cognitive, linguistic, neuropsychological and educational aspects

Maria Chiara Levorato, Andrea Marini

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Trim size in cm: 17x24cm

Pages: 192

ISBN: 978-88-590-2005-9

Publication date: 01/11/2019


From the research of experts who have been dealing with bilingualism in childhood for years, comes an in-depth discussion of the cognitive, linguistic and neuropsychological aspects of bilingual competence.

The book analyzes the following aspects of bilingualism in childhood: phonetic-phonological acquisition, development of the first phases of the lexicon, morphosyntax, narrative competence, reading and comprehension of the text, as well as the metalinguistic dimension, which is the most advanced stage of language development.

Some assessment tools are also proposed and the theme of bimodal bilingualism is also presented, that is the language skills of deaf children, who can be considered bilingual having acquired vocal language and sign language. At the end of the volume, Primary Language Disorder (PLD) is carefully analyzed in bilingual conditions, where it has been shown that exposure to a bilingual context strengthens some non-linguistic abilities in these children, which could be used as points of reference in rehabilitation.


  • Presentation of the "Speech therapy in developmental age" series (Luigi Marotta and Tiziana Rossetto)

  • Preface (Franco Fabbro)

  • Introduction

  • 1 - Cognitive and neural correlates of bi- / multilingual competence (Andrea Marini)

  • 2 - Phonetic-phonological acquisition in bilingual preschool children (Claudio Zmarich and Vincenzo Galatà)

  • 3 - Development of vocabulary and evaluation methods (Daniela Onofrio, Pasquale Rinaldi and Maria Cristina Caselli)

  • 4 - Morphosyntactic development in children learning a second language (Maria Teresa Guasti and Francesca Costa)

  • 5 - Narrative competence in bilingual children (Maja Roch and Raffaele Dicataldo)

  • 6 - Bilingual literacy: reading and comprehension of the text (Elena Florit and M. Chiara Levorato)

  • 7 - Evaluation of the bilingual child in the L1: assessment tools and questionnaires on linguistic biography (Paola Bonifacci and Rita Mari)

  • 8 - The development of metalinguistic skills in bilingual children (Maria Antonietta Pinto)

  • 9 - Bilingualism between vocal languages ​​and sign languages ​​(Pasquale Rinaldi, Cristiana Sanalitro and Maria Cristina Caselli)

  • 10 - Primary Language Disorder in bilingual children (Andrea Marini)