Cause-effect through images

Illustrated stories for developing logic and language

Product: Book

Trim size in cm: 21x29,7

Pages: 40 + 10 cards

ISBN: 978-88-6137-937-4

Publication date: 01/11/2011

Suitable for: Nursery 1st Level (ages 3-4), Nursery 2nd Level (ages 4-5), Primary 1st level (ages 6-7), Primary 2nd level (ages 8-10)


The concept of causality connected to that of temporality (the effect always follows the cause) is one of the key points to be addressed in a linguistic rehabilitation programme. The material offered in this book sets out to explain temporal and causal relations and the terms that define them to children. The material is designed for children aged 3 and above, who both present specific difficulties and who show normal language development.

The activities presented, based on the accompanying colour pictures, aim to improve both oral and written language competences and abilities, exciting little ones through exercises and games which encourage communication and develop creativity, logical reasoning, reversibility of thought, the ability to represent themselves and to consider pictures, stories, events and situations from different points of view and according to different objectives.
The recreational methods used give children motivation, which is at the basis of learning, and the pretext for repeating the exercises, which is necessary in order to achieve atomisation.
Parents, teachers and therapists will find countless valid ideas in this book for creating personalised programmes according to children’s differing needs in order to help them gain correct, complete, conscious mastery of language.


- Recreational and educational proposal
- Writing
- Appendix A: Making masks
- Appendix B: Materials’ list
- Cartoons
- Adverbs, conjunctions, disjunctions