Language/Speech therapy

Childhood deafness: new perspectives for intervention

Pasquale Rinaldi, Elena Tomasuolo, Alessandra Resca

The volume, produced in collaboration with authors with many years of experience in research, ...

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Rehabilitation programmes: Executive functions in language disorders

Luigi Marotta, Enrica Mariani, Manuela Pieretti

Although a Language Disorder is mainly characterised by language difficulties, it is often ...

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Executive functions in SLD

Luigi Marotta, Pamela Varvara

The first specific protocol available in Italy for assessing executive functions! ...

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Donatella Tomaiuoli

This manual provides a complete and detailed description and analysis of all the main aspects of ...

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Language disorders and psychomotor intervention

Ana Merletti, Patrizia Corsi

Starting from the assumption that global stimulation encourages the harmonious development of ...

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Linguistic enrichment in kindergarten

Anna Maria Venera

In the wake of the huge success met by Games and activities for linguistic enrichment, by the same ...

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