Language/Speech therapy

Classic tales with AAC – Peter Pan

Carlo Scataglini

With scientific supervision from the Augmentative Communication Supranational Centre ...

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Clinical programmes in speech therapy – Text comprehension

Graziella Tarter, Monja Tait, Helga Marino

With the first book in the «Clinical programmes in Speech Therapy» collection, the «Speech ...

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Executive functions in SLD

Luigi Marotta, Pamela Varvara

The first specific protocol available in Italy for assessing executive functions! ...

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Language disorders

Luigi Marotta, Maria Cristina Caselli

The book is written for speech therapists but through a multi-professional approach also reaches out ...

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Speech therapy interventions in SLD – WRITING

Itala Riccardi Ripamonti, Enrico Savelli, Anna Giulia De Cagno

The «Speech therapy in childhood and adolescence» series continues with this book on writing, ...

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Speech therapy interventions in SLD – DYSLEXIA

Luigi Marotta, Enrica Mariani, Manuela Pieretti

Out of all the Specific Learning Disorders dyslexia is the difficulty that manifests earliest. For ...

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Rehabilitation programmes – Spelling

Luigi Marotta, Susi Cazzaniga, Serena Rossi

The book offers models for activities which draw both on the traditional competences of the speech ...

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Communication disorders

Luigi Marotta, Giovanni Valeri

Communication disorders, which can manifest in various different ways, in isolation or comorbidity, ...

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Sentence bingo

Adele Spagnolo, Elisabetta Di Clemente

Sentence bingo is a collection of morphosyntactic type linguistic material designed for children ...

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Developmental dyslexia (KIT: book + Professional software on USB pen drive + 5 Family licences)

Enrico Savelli, Svano Pulga

The KIT contains a guide and software (for Windows and Mac) on a USB pen drive, offering different ...

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Semantic cards

Ilaria Pagni, Stefania Mei, Sara Vegini

This book offers a programme of sematic-lexical development and rehabilitation through a series of ...

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Language disorders and psychomotor intervention

Ana Merletti, Patrizia Corsi

Starting from the assumption that global stimulation encourages the harmonious development of ...

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Stories to do and undo

Itala Riccardi Ripamonti

Stories to do and undo offers a remedial programme in text comprehension and production for children ...

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hyperMAPS 2 (KIT: Guide + set-up CD-ROM)

Supervision, materials and texts by Flavio Fogarolo and Carlo Scataglini ...

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Lexis and sentences in pictures

Itala Riccardi Ripamonti

The book puts forward a method for stimulating linguistic abilities and competences through creative ...

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