Six little pixies in my heart (ages 6+)

A story on the value of emotions

Product: Book

Trim size in cm: 15,5x21cm

Pages: 136 colourful pages

ISBN: 978-88-590-1929-9

Publication date: 01/04/2020


Tommy is tired of having adults telling him that he is too sensitive — he has ended up believing that this is a flaw he should be ashamed of. To make things worse, his schoolmates always pick on him—they call him names and never miss the chance to make fun of him whenever he gets mad, cries or simply is distracted watching out of the window. But one day, Tommy discovers that in his heart dwell six tiny pixies: Merry, Shaky, Teary, Stunny, Ragey, Picky — they are the ones responsible for his hypersensitivity!

He would do anything to get rid of them, but how? Renza, a little witch who lives in his fridge offer to help him, but the consequences are unpredictable…

This book goes straight to the heart of children and grown-ups talking about emotions and teaching the value of joy, surprise, fear, sadness, anger, and disgust.


Book abstract

His name was Tommy, he was nine years old—round chubby face, fair skin and a sprinkle of freckles on his nose […]. Like many kids his age, Tommy liked to play computer games and loved ice cream, French fries and chocolate cakes. Every year, he couldn’t wait to see the snow fall because he was a great skier. He wasn’t the best at school, but he tried to study just enough to avoid being embarrassed, unfortunately he didn’t always succeed.

“He is such a sensitive child”  always said the grown-ups when they talked about him.

“Bummer!”, thought Tommy, believing that it had to be something really, really bad. “I am really unlucky to have been born this way. “But what does it mean to be sensitive?”, he wondered, but never dared to ask for an explanation  […].

A little red house • And a really sensitive little boy! • An incredible discovery • I have to tell somebody • A surprise in the freezer • Now this is life! • An escape plan • A strange empty sensation • Even pixies dream • Trouble on its way • Looking for the place of dreams • Perfectland • Destination Rainbowcounty • Happytown • Controlopolis • The secret of happiness • The Wizard Gelone's spell • The day of the rally • Mission thaw • Welcome back Serenella! • The time to forget


A story about the value of emotions


A story for learning to understand and recognize one's own emotions, two versions for different age groups: Six Little Pixies in my Heart 3-6 and 6-8 years are back with updated graphics, with the illustrations of Elisa Marzano. 


Six Little Pixies in my Heart is the story of Tommy.  Tired of hearing that he is too sensitive, he decides to set free the six little pixies that live in his heart and who are responsible for his hyper-sensitivity: Merry, Shaky, Teary, Stunny, Ragey, Picky. Helping him is the little witch Renza, a mysterious inhabitant of his refrigerator.  At Tommy’s request, she transforms him into an insensitive child who is indifferent to everything that surrounds and happens to him.  The six little pixies decide to abandon the child's heart and go their separate ways, each one looking for happiness in his/her own dream place, agreeing to meet back at Tommy's home after exactly one month. Everyone leaves, except Merry who already has everything the others want, and Shaky who lacks courage and does not venture to distant places.  Instead he remains hidden alone in Tommy's room where he discovers something really important: Renza used to be a fairy named Serenella who lived with the pixies in the heart of the child.  She was turned into a wicked witch by Gelone the wizard. Once reunited, the pixies remember the fairy who once took care of them, and therefore do not delay in freeing her from the magician's spell.  All together they return home to Tommy's heart, convinced that there is nothing wrong with being sensitive and experiencing many different emotions.

MERRY The happiest of all, always cheerful.

SHAKY A big coward who sees danger everywhere.

TEARY Always sad, cries continuously.

STUNNY A real dreamer.

RAGEY Always irritated and gets angry easily.

PICKY A picky pixie who feels superior to the others.


Dedicated to children from 3 to 6 years, the book proposes a simplified version of the story and a series of fun activities about the value of emotions.  It also contains an audio CD with the narration of the story and eight songs inspired by the main characters. Along with the heart pixies, small children can listen, draw, and colour!

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Read an excerpt from the book, which has been translated into English to facilitate your evaluation:


Six Little Pixies in my Heart ages 6 and up is a narrative book which is useful for reflecting on the value and importance of emotions with primary school children, through the joy, amazement, fear, sadness, anger, and disgust of the main characters in the story. 

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Read an excerpt from the book, which has been translated into English to facilitate your evaluation:



Six Little Pixies Between the Lines, inspired by the story Six Little Pixies in my Heart, is also available.  This volume offers primary school teachers a series of materials that can be used in the classroom to organize an integrated programme of reading, writing and creative activities on the topic of emotions.

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The proposed programme contains 12 learning units, each of which begins with a reading passage taken from the fiction book Six Little Pixies in my Heart. Each reading is centered around a specific emotion that pupils will be able to explore and deepen their understanding through seven different activities:

  1. READ AND UNDERSTAND Reading the initial passage and understanding the psychological situation experienced by the protagonists through a series of stimulus questions.
  2. IF IT WERE ME... Exercises to identify with a specific character in order to find or elaborate personal answers to multiple choice or open-ended questions.
  3. IT HAS HAPPENED TO ME TOO Identifying and expressing a real-live event that is emotionally similar to that presented in the reading passage.
  4. I WRITE Decoding a comic or stimulus image and producing a written text.
  5. EMOTIONS AT PLAY Reworking the psychological situation in question through playful activity (crossword puzzle, filling-in-the-blanks, etc.).
  6. EMOTIONS IN ART Creative expression of a certain emotional state starting from cues related to artistic genres such as painting, drawing, music, photography, theater, etc.
  7. IT’S YOUR TURN In groups of 4-5 children, a moment of comparison and sharing of ideas, experiences and suggestions related to the psychological situation treated.

Six Little Pixies Between the Lines is a stand-alone volume with regards to the narrative Six Little Pixies in my Heart. The two volumes can be used singularly or to complement each other with the goal of joining them in a joint reading-emotional education programme.


Rosalba Corallo is a pedagogist, teacher and speaker at courses and conferences. In addition, she works as a writer of didactic-narrative texts for children.