The didactics of differences

Proposte metodologiche per una classe inclusiva

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Pages: 159

ISBN: 978-88-590-0764-7

Publication date: 01/01/2015


The fact that different pupils in the same class do not learn in the same way is now indisputable. Really effective didactic planning is capable of designing and creating complex learning environments which take into account these individual differences. Classes where all the children, whilst sharing a common space and project, find their own personalised answer to their unique learning styles.

This book presents five approaches which contribute to the enactment of this idea of inclusive didactics in primary school: the autobiographical approach, the Montessori method, open teaching, multiple intelligence teaching and cooperative learning. Each proposal is presented along general lines and the contribution it may make to managing heterogeneity in the classroom is discussed. Above all it comes with practical tips, including technological ones, which make applying it in class easier.

With contributions from:  Elisabetta Biffi, Barbara Caprara, Heidrun Demo, Giuseppina Gentili, Anna La Prova and Francesco Zambotti.

Presentation (Dario Ianes)
The didactics of difference: an introduction (Heidrun Demo)
CHAP. 1 The autobiographical method (Elisabetta Biffi)
CHAP. 2 The Montessori method (Barbara Caprara)
CHAP. 3 Open teaching (Heidrun Demo)
CHAP. 4 Multiple intelligence teaching (Giuseppina Gentili)
CHAP. 5 Cooperative learning (Anna La Prova)
CHAP. 6 Didactic technologies for managing inclusive processes in class (Francesco Zambotti)